Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Doing good? We’ve been here since sept. and people always ask what have you been doing. WE’ve been trying to fit in. We’ve stopped saying yall. Plural. We’ve started using utensils. Potholes, you have obstacle courses In cincy we drive the speed limit. I’m thinking we vote to have ish printed on the speed limit signs. Accent. People ask us how its going? How are things for the new church coming along. Let me tell you. We learned a few weeks ago that the financial support we would receive from our sponsoring organizations was a little bit less than we’d expected. 10’s of thousands of dollars less. The day I found out I began furiously running numbers. How can I make this work. How can I make this work? Do I call my mommy? I’m 31 years old and my mother still gives me lunch money. I know I’m spoiled, but its true, if I’m at home in Cincinnati, my mother will just slip me a twenty. Mom, I wonder if I could get a 50 year advance on my lunch money. I wanted to fix it but I couldn’t. We were just plain short ten’s of thousands of dollars. I prayed. God, I’m not sure what to do here. I prayed and prayed but I didn’t really feel any better. I read my Bible. All the verses I could remember about God providing for his people and God being faithful, but honestly it didn’t really provide much comfort. And then I did something I’m almost embarrassed to tell you. I was desperate to hear from God and so I flipped through my Bible and asked God to speak to me. I landed on John 6. â€Å"Jesus Saw a large crowd coming and asked phillip where will we find enough food to feed all of these people. Hah-I thought kind of like us launching this church. WE’ve got this crowd coming on launch day, and we don’t have enough money to buy the equipment we need to resource these people spiritually. John 6:? â€Å"Jesus asked this only to test him, because he already knew what he was going to do.† I wondered. â€Å"Is this verse for me?† Jesus has allowed this lack of funds to happen to test us, and he already has in mind what he’s going to do.† I started to feel a little better. A little more confident and I read on.

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