Monday, February 10, 2020

Great Creations Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Great Creations Organization - Essay Example As a small NGO, GCO have a capacity to move extremely quickly as circumstances changes. Decisions do not need to go through vetting processes and large bureaucracies but could be made right at such an executive meeting. GCO could therefore keep abreast of changing needs and adapt the programs as needed which only call for more meetings (Aras & Crowther, 2010).B)Â  An involved and active membershipThere is a tendency of smaller NGOs like GCO fearing to be swallowed because government funders find it easier to deal with fewer service providers. But GCO is well established and therefore an involved membership including the interested shareholders should be used. These will include volunteers and community development approaches.C)Â  Collaborate strategicallyThere are other smaller NGOs dealing with the same provisions as GCO and therefore collaborating with them in learning, opening of social media networks to get to the affected areas and develop a partnered IT strategy (Winsemius & Guntram, 2002).D)Â  SpecializationUnlike larger organizations, GCO cannot provide multifaceted services effectively and therefore should only specialize on what it does well and perfect it.E)Â  Maintaining good relationships with funding bodiesThe relevant government departments and the other funders have continually issued complaints to GCO about this or that. It is critical that these key contacts are maintained which would include courtesy calls (Fitzduff & Church, 2004).F)Â  Educational Institutions

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